About Us.

We are a group of people interested in clocks and watches and other things horological. Some of us collect, others also repair, restore or build. The club started in 1980 and we meet in Belleville because it is approximately central to our membership which ranges from Kingston to Bancroft to Lindsay to Oshawa/Whitby and some locations beyond. There are four meetings year.

Our meetings start with a Mart where things horological are bought and sold between members. Along with a Business Agenda, the meeting has a Show and Tell for members to participate. Besides our Belleville meetings, we also participate as exhibitors at various pioneer villages in Central Ontario. Some of our members also do restoration projects for various organizations.

In keeping with the idea of horological education for our members, we sometimes have presentations and workshops at the meetings.


President Jim Hartog
Vice President
Treasurer Ian Watson
Secretary Jim Biggs
Directors Tim Clarke (library)
Michael Gillespie (contests)
Hans Holterman (social)
Bill Legere (shows)