Below is a list of books available to members in our library. Please contact the Librarian if you would like to borrow a book for an inter-meeting period or to have some information from a book made available to you.

  1. Britten’s Old Clocks and Watches (7th ed.), by G. H. Baillie, C. Clutton and C. A. Ilbert
  2. The Complete Encyclopedia of Antiques, by The Connoisseur
  3. Early Canadian Timekeepers, by Jane Varkaris and James E. Connell
  4. Henry R. Playtner and The Canadian Horological Institute, by Gary Fox
  5. History of Clocks and Watches, by Eric Bruton
  6. Revolution in Time, by David S. Landes
  7. Tymely Topics, back issues from 1981 to present
  8. Watches, by C. Clutton and G. Daniels
  9. Westclox Key Wound Clocks, by Maynard Dokken